Idea #2 – Size of Images


I made an annotation on page 55 stating that the smaller images are a zoomed-in, more detailed depiction of the large image. This is something I noticed on both pages 55 and 232, however, in different context. Page 55 discusses the conditions of the concentration camps through dialogues in the large image. There is a mention of the Jews being confined to freezing tents and unhealthy conditions in the big image. This is a point that develops later on in the story; therefore, I feel like this is why Spiegelman placed this scenario in the largest image. As we look at the smaller images, it shows Vladek and his companions struggling to deal with the conditions, but Vladek sacrificing his health for his hygiene and comfort. This is a more specific scenario, and one that is to further prove the overall point made above. Who knew that later on these conditions would turn into torture leading to murder. This is seen on page 232. Once again, the two largest images on this page are depictions of the two most commonly used murder techniques by the Germans. Burying and burning the innocent Jews alive is a thought that Spiegelman doesn’t want the reader to forget about; therefore, I believe this is why he put these scenarios in the largest images on the page. The most important points that Spiegelman wanted to get across were the ones that were illustrated in the largest images on the page.