The End is Near, but the Journey has just Begun.

Screen Shot 2018-12-09 at 11.18.33 AM

From the projects to the Sunday sketches and the intriguing class discussions, this course embodies the meaning of creativity. As shown in the illustration above, I have represented each of the four main topics of the major assignments. Three out of the four assignments are based on graphic comics/narratives we read for this class. I attempted to illustrate the most accurate symbols to represent their titles. In the middle of my sketch, I have drawn a light bulb, because as mentioned in the first sentence, every part of this course has required creative thinking. The creative thinking aspect has made it such an enjoyable and productive learning experience. Underneath the word, ‘Creativity,’ I have written key words that I believe highlight the themes and plots of the comics read. I plan on structuring my final reflection paper similar to the way I have constructed this drawing. I will highlight each assignment from a reader and student perspective. I will then discuss the connections I have discovered between the comics and their respective assignments. I hope to prove how much I have gained as a thinker, reader, and writer from the effective and rewarding course material and instruction.

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