Impactful Learning and Writing

The Literacy Narrative project has been the most impactful creative writing assignment for me. When beginning Professor Morgen’s class, I knew I would grow as a writer in various components. From utilizing technologies and illustrations to analyzing and evaluating student and teacher feedback, I have realized what it takes to make every piece of writing unique and full of purpose.

When writing My Literacy Narrative, I selected a topic that was quite personal. As I sat down with Professor Morgen to discuss the first draft, he expressed great interest in my topic and offered suggestions that could improve my work. We discussed a range of ideas from including a more specific conflict to highlighting the emotional factors of the situation. He also told me that by creating the cartoon for my narrative, I will truly figure out what was missing.

I was missing conflict. I did not recognize the importance of including conflict in my essay till I completed the first draft of my Literacy Narrative Comic. Illustrating my narrative allowed me to visualize each scene. As I illustrated panel by panel, I noticed the gaps in my story. I was able to fill these gaps with a culmination of my own ideas along with the ideas of my peers and Professor Morgen.

When I mentioned to Professor Morgen that I wanted to rhyme the dialogue of my comic, he was very encouraging. He has been encouraging through all parts of this assignment. I was able to use his encouragement to motivate myself to create the most effective piece of writing. While I am still struggling to find a strong transition between two of the paragraphs in my alphabetical narrative, I am proud about where I have come with each part of this project.

Professor Morgen’s class has truly taught and shown me how “practice makes perfect,” and that I should never be afraid to be creative.


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