The Power of Statistics

While all the graphic narratives assigned for this course require deep thinking, I believe that Climate Changed entails the most out-of-the-box thinking. Phillipe Squarzoni has transformed a major world issue into an educational graphic novel that is meant to attract the attention of a wide range of age groups. As someone who has written many papers about the issue of climate change, I am of the opinion that graphs are the best way to explain the situation of climate change to someone who doesn’t understand.

I was fascinated when I discovered that Squarzoni included graphs, along with his illustrations, in Climate Changed. In terms of grasping the content of the comic, I found the line graphs on pages 48, 49 and 51 to be very helpful. I had general knowledge of the correlation between greenhouse gases and the climate, and how they reflect the temperature differences in the atmosphere. However, by mapping out the three different graphs shown on the three different pages, I was able to further learn about how much of an impact greenhouse gases have on the increase and decrease of temperatures in our atmosphere.

Through comparing the three graphs, I realized how the variation in increasing and decreasing temperatures represent the multiple factors that influence our climate. Squarzoni makes it clear that we need to prevent as many greenhouse gases as possible from entering our atmosphere. When mapping the three graphs, I noticed that there were common points of increase and decrease. There were also certain circumstances explained in the panels before and after the illustrated graphs to help the reader understand why there are similarities and differences in the charts. For example, one can learn about the impact of the Industrial Revolution on climate change.

I am pleased with the construction of my map, and the key I created. It was a challenge to accurately illustrate the graphs from the comic, but I tried my best! While it may not look like a typical map, I hope that my peers take a closer look and are able to identify the same patterns that I discovered.




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