Do Not Be Afraid of Who You Are

Through writing my comparison essay for Stitches and Spinning, I developed a strong understanding for both Small and Walden’s graphic novels. Both of these authors implemented unique structure, dialogue, and illustration, so the reader can experience their situations and emotions from the past. In my comparison essay, I focused on the concepts of unspeakability and invisibility that were mentioned in Hilary Chute’s, “Women, Comics, and Risks of Representation.”

While I agree with statements made by Chute, I felt that it would be interesting to base my essay on a disagreement between Chute mentioning that a, “graphic narrative presents a traumatic side of history, but all these authors refuse to show it through the lens of unspeakability or invisibility…” and how Small and Walden highlighted unspeakability and invisibility in their stories/text. Although I wanted to cover additional ideas in my essay, I decided that focusing on this one main idea would provide a clear focus to my writing, and the general reader will be able to understand my points being made.

I also saw Chute’s quote as an opportunity to include a personal reflection in my essay. I enjoy making connections between stories and my personal life; however, I was afraid, at first, of how it would fit into my piece. I was able to relate more to the idea of invisibility, rather than unspeakability. I am currently brainstorming ways that I could incorporate a situation of unspeakability that could relate to what Small and Walden experience in their respective stories.

Writing towards the given prompt required creating a thorough preliminary outline, but I believe the outline provided great support in starting and ending my essay. The technique of using an outline has proved to be helpful in both the major assignments of this course, and the Sunday Sketch explanations. I have learned how to be creative with my essay planning, and how to start and finish analysis’ of powerful works of literature.



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