Alright, I will admit…


My friends always give me a hard time about how often I “fix my appearance.” I constantly deny their claims regarding how often I fix my hair, change my shirt, wear my glasses, and change my shoes. I felt this Sunday Sketch was the perfect opportunity to see if their accusations are true, or if they do not know what they are talking about. Unfortunately, my emoji data chart above has proven that they are right. While I laugh at my results, they take great pride that I have finally accepted their claim 🙂

In regards to how I collected my data, I spent the past week maintaining a data chart in the Notes App on my iPhone. Because I always have my phone on me, I felt it was the easiest to collect my data on the phone. I wanted to be creative with how I logged my data, so I decided to utilize emojis. While I felt I could have done more with the presentation of my chart, I wanted to post the exact data chart that I used over the course of last week. It should be simple to understand, but for those who do not, I have logged the emoji for each category when I completed that action. Results show that I do fix my hair the most, and I am not surprised. Fixing my hair has become more of a habit than me trying to look good for a selfie, however, my girlfriend thinks otherwise.

I did not find any troubles with logging my data because I made it simple. I knew that my data would be most accurate if I created a platform where I could log the data in an instant. Interestingly, I am continuing to log my data and dividing it among weeks. I want to see if I can be better w my habits as weeks progress. Fixing my hair may be hard to change, but I do know less shirt and shoe changes will save me more trips to my dorm.

But, what can I say? I sweat easily, so sometimes I have to change. However, now, with the cold weather, I feel like the results will be very different because I am never taking off my jacket 🙂

I really enjoyed this sketch assignment activity. It allowed me to become more interactive with my thinking and writing. As much as I enjoy writing and drawing, I love using technology to display my creativity. I did mention earlier that I wanted to make my data more presentable, but I feel like the original copy is sometimes the best copy to show.

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