Literacy Comic Reflection – A Result of Creativity

Once I completed the final version of my literacy comic, I looked back at my rough draft to see the before and after. I was truly pleased with my final product, especially my incorporation of the suggestions I received from my peers and Professor Morgen. Meeting with Professor Morgen, and the peer review papers definitely helped me think of ideas towards making my images more relevant to the story, and my dialogue easier to understand. Because my literacy narrative was a very personal piece of writing, I didn’t know how to best portray my feelings and actions in each section of the comic. This dilemma encouraged me to look at the illustrations in Maus during the emotional, traumatic, and/or significant scenes. I noticed the facial expressions on the mice and attempted to translate similar facial expressions to the characters in my comic. However, the structure of the characters’ faces in my comic vary, because my drawing abilities prevent me from producing consistent accurate illustrations. Although I still believe I was successful in matching the dialogue in each section to the picture.

In regards to creating a type of conflict in my story, I was happy with how and where I incorporated it into my piece. I always knew what the conflict in the story would be, but I could never think of how best to form the dialogue. I didn’t know if I should provide all the details, or rather summarize an overall idea of what was happening. I went with the second option of summarizing because it allowed me to include other parts to my comic that were based off writing in my alphabetic narrative. I hope that viewers are still able to understand my story despite me not going completely into details.

As for a more detailed analysis of the structure of my comic, I hope one can notice the rhyming dialogue in my comic. After much deliberation over an entire week, I decided to rhyme the verbal dialogue in my literacy comic. This was definitely an idea that was out of my comfort zone, but Professor Morgen encourages creative thinking and different styles. I wanted to give this authentic style a chance, and I hope it paid off. Personally, I felt that the rhyming dialogue strategy was a positive, and I have so far received encouraging reviews in regards to the idea.

I am hopeful and excited to receive more feedback from my peers and Professor about my final comic, and create an even more creative and powerful version of my comic and alphabetic narrative.



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