Comic Dialogue – Discovering the Rhyme

October 22nd, 2006.

A day that my family didn’t want to miss.


Magic Tree House.

The title of the book.


Laying on my bed.

I remember what I read.


*This day was about to be a momentous one. Exactly a year ago, I couldn’t even pronounce or read words on a page. My parents thought I was illiterate. How could their 5-year old son not know how to read?


And open the book.

To suddenly become shook.


Only 10 pages to go.

Feels like I am reaching the climax of my favorite show.


Before I can begin.

My mother rushes in.


A look on her face.

As if I am a disgrace.


*Coming from a family of distinguished scholars, reading was supposed to be second nature. For me, it wasn’t. I never enjoyed reading, because I never believed in my literature abilities. I was always told that I was “too slow,” or “too disabled.” Whatever that means :/ However, I remember, on this day, wanting to prove a point to all those who didn’t believe in me.


I never understood.

Why they seemed so rude.


My sister could read at three.

Too bad that wasn’t me.


I will never be her.

Nor like her.


My parents were confused.

Will he ever be of use?


Eventually they realize,

I go at my own pace.

Slow and Steady Wins the Race.


*I have been in the shadows my entire life. My ability to process certain concepts/skills slower than others has made teachers, coaches, and friends doubt my talents. However, as a result, of hard-work and dedication from a young age, I have emerged from the shadows and passed the haters.


I turn the last page…

Boy, was I engaged.


I had reached a new stage.

Reading comes with age.


My parents were thrilled.

I was fulfilled.


This was the start.

To my journey of the liberal arts.


Reading is a privilege.

It fills my mind with an image.


*I remember developing an immediate appreciation for reading from this day. I started another book the next day, and then continued reading a different story every week. This passion and confidence I had found for literature influenced my decisions for the future in every aspect. My parents would always tell me that a strong literary background will lead to a successful future. They are proud of the “reader” I have become, and a proud part of my liberal arts journey.


Of the future that awaits.

In my home state.


At Emory University.

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