Hand me a Racquet, Feed me a Waffle


I mentioned my passion for tennis in the “My Avatar” post for this course, and was waiting to incorporate an aspect of tennis into one of my Sunday Sketches. This Sunday Sketch gave me the opportunity to be creative with the sport I love. The image above portrays the handle of a tennis racquet, and a waffle to represent the racquet frame and strings. I wouldn’t say a waffle is the ideal representation of the frame of a racquet, but I LOVE waffles, so why not combine two of my favorite things into one picture. As for the use of technology to merge these images, I utilized Photoshop Express. This app can be found on the App Store and proved to be very helpful with combining the two images. I would also like to admit that my experience with Instagram and Facebook photo editing may have given me an advantage when creating this Combophoto :). Overall, I enjoyed brainstorming and working on this sketch.

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