Escalators Aren’t Safe…


I loved this Sunday Sketch because I never expected to be illustrating one of my favorite bad luck memories. This is a true story that almost all of my friends and family know about. I like to say that it highlights the clumsy traits I possess. At first, it was quite difficult to break down this 2 hour experience into a 6 section short comic. This was until I decided to refer to Spiegelman’s works in Maus to see how he illustrated Vladek’s vivid  memories on one page each. I noticed how Spiegelman would incorporate more descriptive images in sections that were harder to understand than others. I tried to do something similar with an obvious amateur skill set. I incorporated arrows to point out parts of images that the text highlighted and that I wanted the reader to notice. Additionally, I attempted to be different and rhyme the text in my comic. When reading closely, I hope one is able to notice that the lines rhyme. I thought it would add an aspect of creativity, which is what this course is all about 🙂

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