Call Me Mr. Organized



Class Notebooks (Requirement) – I like to have a different notebook for every class because it keeps everything in place. It makes it easier to find things for each class when I need them. I began using a different notebook for every class after I lost my “Homework Folder” in my Freshman year of high school. Parents weren’t very happy 🙂

Class Textbooks (Ugh!) – I usually carry 3-4 of my class textbooks with me in my backpack depending on what classes I have that day. I also feel more productive when I have textbooks in my bag. I am sure some can relate to that feeling. I don’t like to carry all of my textbooks because it makes my bag very heavy, and there is a higher probability of me losing one of them.

Laptop (True Friendship) – My best friend. I am very protective of my laptop, and have a designated pocket for it. I like to say that my laptop and my phone are tied for the most important things in my life 🙂

Earphones (My Own World) – I have two different types of earphones. One of my earphones (the black ones) I use for working out, or when I am walking around campus. The other set of earphones is for my computer. I don’t know why I use different kind of earphones, but my friends say it represents my crazy love for music.

Speaker (Loud personality) – Yes, I carry around a speaker along with my two sets of headphones. I am a crazy fan of music if you cannot tell already 🙂

Laptop Charger (Life Saver) – I never let my laptop go below 50% of charge. This is because I believe that the lower the charge of my laptop, the lower the amount of energy I have.

Pencils and Pens and Highlighters, OH MY! – I only use mechanical pencils. I refuse to use any other kind of pencil. I remember putting up an argument about having to use a #2 pencil for my SAT. I don’t really like pens and highlighters, but I have to carry them because my parents tell me to.

Personal Reflection:

I had a lot of fun with this Sunday Sketch. I felt this assignment tested both my writing and organizational skills. I really enjoyed writing about the connections between the items in my bag and my personality. As you can hopefully tell from my descriptions above; I love my music, my electronic devices, and my mechanical pencils 🙂 I always find a feeling of satisfaction when I have these items in my bag. This feeling of satisfaction is something that many of my friends find weird about me. However, I am so used to explaining to them the reasoning behind each item that it made this assignment much easier than expected. I will definitely be keeping the photo for this sketch in my camera roll, because I am proud of what I carry!

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