My Happy Place


This Sunday Sketch was very challenging from an idea and illustration standpoint. However, it was one of the most interesting and enjoyable sketches I have completed this semester. It was definitely not my best work as an artist, but I felt my story is still well portrayed. After looking at the different examples of triptychs, I immediately knew I wanted to depict a story with a happy, ironic, and comedic meaning. I surveyed my surroundings to look for ideas, and came across my Goofy stuffed animal from Disney World. I realized how happy this stuffed animal makes me, and how happy Disney makes me in general. My family and I take multiple trips to Disney in a year. I also had my high school graduation at Disney World! I knew the theme of happiness and setting of Disney World would be a perfect fit for this sketch. So, I illustrated the classic road trip to Disney World, while implementing certain quotations to create the irony. By using phrases such as “The Search for Happiness,” “Journey to Finding Happiness,” I wanted the reader to feel as if this car journey towards happiness is never-ending. The plot twist is that the destination for happiness ends up to be Walt Disney World, “The Happiest Place on Earth.” My happy place.

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