Fix You


“Tribe of Mentors,” by Timothy Ferriss is a book full of meaning. Timothy Ferris has gathered life advice from some of the greatest mentors in the world. These mentors comprise of CEOS, actors, athletes, artists, scientists, and many more. Each of them answer a set of questions regarding valuable tips and experiences that have gotten them to where they are today. This page that I used for my “Human Document,” assignment is from the Debbie Millman section. Debbie Millman is a world-famous graphic designer that struggled with depression at a point in her career. She credits her therapist as her savior. I was emotionally moved by her story, and was fascinated to derive a meaningful edited text from the excerpt above. I designed a hammer over the text, because the job of a hammer is to fix, and Debbie Millman’s therapist was her “hammer.” Her hammer fixed her life.

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