Literacy Narrative 1 Reflection Post

I really enjoyed writing this personal narrative, because it made me reflect on a moment in my life that I had honestly forgotten about. I wrote my narrative based on the time that I read my first book. Before writing, I decided to call my parents, so I could get a clear reminder of that day in my life. As my parents were talking, you could hear my mom getting emotional on the line. It felt like just the other day I was reading my first book, and now, I am reading and learning about fine texts at a renowned University.

From a writing standpoint, I mainly focused on always writing in the past tense, and not getting off topic. In the past, I would tend to divert from the main point of view and begin a new sentence that wouldn’t reflect the previous sentences. I am sure I have made this mistake somewhere in my narrative, however, I know this class will help me become a better writer and solve this issue.

I love beginning a lot of my writing with a famous quote. I began this narrative with a quote from Frederick Douglas that I thought best represented what I was writing about and the emotions I felt while writing this narrative. I would say that a strong quote can usually grab the attention of the reader instantly, but I am keen to learn more tactics from this class on how to implement quotes, as well as rhetorical language, in order to keep the reader engaged from the beginning.

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